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The American Shutter Systems Association is a non-profit organization founded in South Florida in May of 1995.

The purpose of the ASSA is to:

  • Test and approve hurricane shutter products for its members
  • Conduct research and development of new and innovative products
  • Ensure all products represented meet or exceed the latest building codes
  • Provide the best protection at affordable prices
  • Ensure all members are licensed and insured
  • Ensure all manufacturing members have a facility capable of making hurricane shutter products
  • Educate the public of the various types of protection
  • Work with building officials and government agencies
  • Maintain the highest standards for public health, safety and welfare
  • Act as a liaison for members to all evaluation services such as Miami-Dade County, IBC, IRC, TDI and FBC

The ASSA has developed strong relationships with many people and agencies since its inception. Our products are listed with Miami-Dade County, the Texas Department of Insurance, and the Florida Building Commission. We will continue to provide the best hurricane protection available to our industry.

American Shutter System Association

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