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  • Window Mullion Extrusions Line Card (PDF)

    The Most Comprehensive Window Mullion Inventory and Engineering in the Market Today!

    • Our mullions can be used with any Approved Fenestration Product, under separate approval.
    • Florida Building Code Approved by Engineering:
      Tube Mulls: FL17472.2 • Bay/Bow Mulls: FL17472.1
    • Now offering 22.5°, 30°, 45° and 90° Mullion Bars


    Now offering a complete and robust package that will meet or exceed all of your mulling needs. Our mulls can be used with ANY Approved Fenestration Product. They are impact approved for all area's outside of the High Velocity Hurricane Zone at this time with impact testing for the HVHZ and HVHZ approval coming soon. The tube mullions can be used vertically, horizontally or any combination of both vertical and horizontal. The Bay/Bow mullions are designed for vertical applications in 22.5deg., 45deg. and 90deg. configurations. All of our mullions can be used in twin configurations or in multiples.

    Click here to view the Window Mullion line card.

    Please inquire about our Window Mullions with your local EMS Representative.


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