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Please visit our ASSA website, featuring our hurricane products, news and information! We thank you for your continued support as we expand and improve the ASSA brand and line of products! It is our mission to bring you high quality, innovative hurricane protection products!

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    The American Shutter Systems Association is a non-profit organization founded in South Florida in May of 1995.

    The purpose of the ASSA is to:

    • Test and approve hurricane shutter products for its members
    • Conduct research and development of new and innovative products
    • Ensure all products represented meet or exceed the latest building codes
    • Provide the best protection at affordable prices
    • Ensure all members are licensed and insured
    • Ensure all manufacturing members have a facility capable of making hurricane shutter products
    • Educate the public of the various types of protection
    • Work with building officials and government agencies
    • Maintain the highest standards for public health, safety and welfare
    • Act as a liaison for members to all evaluation services such as Miami-Dade County, IBC, IRC, TDI and FBC

    The ASSA has developed strong relationships with many people and agencies since its inception. Our products are listed with Miami-Dade County, the Texas Department of Insurance, and the Florida Building Commission. We will continue to provide the best hurricane protection available to our industry.

    ASSA Hurricane Protection Products:


    Roll Shutters:

    Bahamas & Colonials:

    Non-ASSA Hurricane Protection Products:


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    2022 Hurricane Names:

    • Alex
    • Bonnie
    • Colin
    • Danielle
    • Earl
    • Fiona
    • Gaston
    • Hermine
    • Ian
    • Julia
    • Karl
    • Lisa
    • Martin
    • Nicole
    • Owen
    • Paula
    • Richard
    • Shary
    • Tobias
    • Virginie
    • Walter

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