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    Ease of Installation for Glass Thicknesses of 1/2" - 11/16"

    With a host of innovative features, Easy Glass Smart lets you carry out installation or removal in a quick, intuitive and controlled fashion. In fact, your jobs can be finished faster than with any other glass balustrade. This is just one way this highly economical system will save you money.

    With Easy Glass Smart, complicated anchoring systems are a thing of the past, as this glass balustrade lets you choose from a range of fixing methods for mounting its base shoe. This further allows the use of cost-effective anchors. When installed, the base shoe is sure to let you set a glass mounting speed record.

    Securing glass with the Q-disc system
    The Q-disc System provides the quickest way ever to secure and align glass panels in a glass balustrade. The combination of a special inlay and the Q-disc inserted in the base shoe safely holds each individual glass panel in place. Additionally, each panel can be adjusted up to 0.6 degrees. A real problem solver for uneven surfaces.

    Cable Rail

    EASY GLASS MAX - The Strongest Base Shoe Ever

    Miami-Dade Approved

    If you are looking for a balustrade system that can cope with line loads in excess of 342lb/f, Miami-Dade Approved for 125+/- PSF, go with Easy Glass Max. It really is the strongman of the Easy Glass range. The aluminum base shoes are light but extremely strong and safe. That makes them ideal for public spaces such as stadiums, airports, shopping centers and High-Rise Buildings.

    2D & 3D Bending is available, and we can also supply your glass! Call your local EMS Sales Representative for more information.

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