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  • EasyMount Raceway line card (PDF)

  • Complete Sign Section PDF

    EASYMOUNT Instructional Video

    Features & Benefits:
    Saves Time & Money:

    • Faster Installation
    • Reduced Labor Cost
    • Minimal Fabrication Time

    Simple Installation:

    • Easily Mounted Structural Raceway Back
    • Easily Attach Raceway Face with Pre-Mounted Channel Letters which Drops and Locks into Place
    • Virtually Invisible Raceway Back Helps Create a Sleek Look
    • Unique Design Reduces Possibility of Channel Letter Damage

    Easy Access:

    • Reduced Maintenance Times
    • Change Letters Without Removing Entire Raceway
    • Power Supply Panel Slides In-and-Out Via Convenient Slots
    • End Access Improves Serviceability when Channel Letters are Large or have ACM Backing

    We also stock Channel Letter Coil in a variety of styles and colors - PVC Mask One Side, all 20" ID Coil

    EMS has an extensive stock of sign frames, flex face signage, retainers, double tees, half-round posts, and a full line of aluminum standards and sheet products .

    We also carry Square Tube, Angle and a full line of Awning Extrusions and Accessories.

    EMS are proud members of the following Sign Associations:
    » ISA (International Sign Association)
    » USSC (United States Sign Council)
    » SSSA (Southern States: FL, GA, NC, SC)
    » MSSA (Mid South: AL, AR, LA, MS, TN)
    » NSSA (Northeast States: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
    » TSSA (Tri-State: KS, MO, OK)
    » MSA (Midwest: IN, KY, MI, OH, PA, WV)
    » TSA (Texas)
    » ISA (Illinois)
    » VaSa (Virginia)
    » MSA (Maryland)
    » GHSA (Houston)
    GDFWSA (Dallas/Ft. Worth)
    ASA (Austin)
    SASA (San Antonio)


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